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There’s to be a DVD release next month (Feb 2017) of 2014’s Dylan Thomas biopic A Poet in New York [Wikipedia] which is fantastic news as I think it’s only been on UK television a couple of times and shown in a few cinemas as part of a BAFTA Q&A type of thing. Tom Hollander gives a fantastic performance, see reviews below, as Thomas (with a focus on the last few days of his life) for which he won a Royal Television Society (RTS) Award in 2015.

You can order your copy of the DVD on Amazon for £11.99 (released 6 Feb, delivery ~9 Feb).

Here’s a lovely radio interview with Tom on Janice Forsyth’s show (15m clip) from May 2014 and a 40 second clip where he relates the story of how Aisling Walsh (the director) reacted to hearing his Dylan Thomas voice for the first time (more clips from the production here).

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“Hollander is remarkable as the South Wales-born poet who died in 1953 at 39, evoking a real, three-dimensional man so much more than a literary legend.” (28 October 2014, Boston Globe)

Dylan Thomas: A Poet in New York, BBC Two (19 May 2014, The Arts Desk)

“Tom Hollander is startlingly good as Dylan Thomas in ‘A Poet in New York'” (A Poet in New York, BBC Two: ‘intoxicating’, 18 May 2013, The Telegraph)

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