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*UPDATE* This programme is now available to listen again from the link below, for a month following the broadcast date (14 March).

Pinched from the BBC’s Media Centre page (link) – Tom Hollander will appear in this Radio 2 programme next Tuesday evening and available to ‘listen again’ via the link below.

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Harry And Paul Present: The Gentlemen’s Club

Tuesday 14 March, BBC Radio 2, 10.30pm

Harry And Paul Present: The Gentlemen’s Club is a mockumentary sketch show set in Wibbles, London’s oldest member’s club. Listeners will get to eavesdrop on the conversations of Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse’s elderly and eccentric characters across the course of an afternoon. It’s a slice of life in a once-vital, fading British institution, and a peek at the often bizarre stories and attitudes contained within…

Written and performed by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, it will also star Jim Broadbent (Exile, Harry Potter), Amelia Bullmore (Scott And Bailey, Happy Valley), Tom Hollander (Rev, In The Loop) and Jason Lewis (The Armstrong And Miller Show).

A BBC Studios production produced by Sam Bryant.

News in brief

  • Olivier Award nomination – Tom has been nominated for an Olivier Award (Best actor) for his portrayal of Henry Carr in Travesties at the Apollo. The brilliant production by Patrick Marber of Tom Stoppard’s play has a total of 5 nominations [more info on the nominations and tickets and info about the play]
  • Taboo – a second series has been confirmed. [SPOILERS] One or two people have wondered if Tom’s character will survive his season-finale injuries and the sea voyage – fingers crossed.
  • The Night Manager – there may be more from the people behind this but information is inconclusive. [SPOILERS] – as ‘Corky’ was killed off during the series we can only hope that there might be a twin brother or an ‘it was all a dream’ sequence plot twist to bring him back. There’s also the possibility of a television series based on the film Hanna in development (but no information about whether Tom’s role as Isaacs might be involved).
  • Revolution – there are a few more opportunites to see this documentary film about Soviet art, including Qs and As with the director Margy Kinmonth. Tom is one of several actors narrating and he reads the words of artist Kazimir Malevich
    • 17 March – UCL, School of Slavonic and East European Studies [info and tickets]
    • 27 March – Curzon Bloomsbury [info and tickets]

  • The Promise – Tom plays Garin in this film, which is set in the final days of the Ottoman Empire. It’s due to open in the US on 21 April 2017 and is directed by Terry George. Tom and Terry have previously worked together on Some Mother’s Son and Whole Lotta Sole (aka Stand Off). There’s also a screening at the Sonoma
    International Film Festival on 29 March [More info about The Promise from Wikipedia]

  • Tulip Fever – the film “is based on the novel of the same name by Deborah Moggach, and adapted by Tom Stoppard” and stars Alicia Vikander and Christoph Waltz. Tom plays Dr Sorgh and the film is due for release in August 2017 [more information]. Deborah Moggach also wrote the screenplay for Pride and Prejudice in which Tom starred as Mr Collins, and Tom Stoppard wrote Travesties.

  • Breathe – “Meanwhile, I’ve finished Breathe, a film directed by Andy Serkis in which I play twin brothers, which was interesting because I had to talk to the memory of myself.” [Interview with Tom Hollander in The Guardian, 12 Feb 2017] – Andy Serkis’ son Louis plays the apprentice to Tom’s character Cholmondeley in Taboo.
  • A Poet in New York – the DVD of this, with Tom portraying Dylan Thomas in his final days, was released in February and is available to buy from Amazon [more info]