[Audio] Interviews with Tom Hollander


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There are plenty of video interviews on YouTube (and elsewhere), but here are some audio-only interviews with Tom Hollander.

Tom Hollander and James Wood talk to Peter Florence
Re – Rev
Hay Festival, Sunday 10 June 2012
The Pirates of the Caribbean and In the Loop star discusses his award-winning comedy Rev -with co-writer James Wood.
[1hr 3m 29s]

Kirsty Lang interviews Tom Hollander at Names Not Numbers / Editorial Intelligence
In conversation
[24m 49s]

Tom Hollander in conversation with Kirsty Lang

The Janice Forsyth Show
Tom Hollander Interview
14 May 2014
‘Rev’ star Tom Hollander talks to Janice about the challenges of portraying Dylan Thomas in the final days of his life in New York City.
[14m 12s]

Tom Hollander, James Wood and Jon Canter
The Rev. Diaries
Hay Festival 2014, Saturday 31 May 2014
The creators of the glorious television comedy present the thoughts of Rev. Adam Smallbone.
[54m 28s]


Saturday Live
Tom Hollander
Sat 25 Oct 2014
Actor Tom Hollander joins Suzy Klein and Jay Rayner to talk Rev, Dylan Thomas and his attempts at DIY. JP Devlin raises a pint to Dylan Thomas on the centenary of his birth at one of Thomas’s old London drinking haunts. (Tom is one of several guests, all are present throughout the programme).
[1hr 28m]

Chris Evans Breakfast Show
[link to programme]
17 March 2016
Tom Hollander talks about going to head to head with himself and who should be the next James Bond…Hiddleston or Hardy? Tom talks about starring in BBC One’s The Night Manager and ITV’s Doctor Thorne.
[1m 47s]

Graham Norton BBC2 interview
[Link to programme]
25 Feb 2017
The actor on Rev, drinking with Daniel Craig and his new West End play Travesties
[15m 5s]


Pride & Prejudice – open air screening in Peckham w @rooftopfilmclub, cc @pandp2005


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The Rooftop Film Club hosts a number of open-air cinema screening events in London, at several venues, including the Bussey Building in Peckham.

On Thursday 6 July the club will screen Pride and Prejudice (2005) in which Tom Hollander plays Mr Collins. The film was directed by Joe Wright, and Joe and Tom have also worked together on Hanna and The Soloist.

Get your tickets for this lovely adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel at the link below. Also did we mention that Tom Hollander recently won a BAFTA award for his role in The Night Manager 🙂

Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Rooftop Film Club – Bussey Building, Peckham
9pm (films start at sunset), Thursday 6 July 2017
[link for tickets and information], £16.50 for general admission
Please note all events are 18+. Personal food and drink items cannot be brought or consumed on the rooftop.

Remember to bring something warm as – even in mid-Summer – the weather can cool after dark, particularly when you’re sitting outside, on a roof!


Woohoo! Tom Hollander awarded Best Supporting Actor at BAFTA TV Awards for The Night Manager


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Hooray! HOORAY!! Last night Tom Hollander won the Best Supporting Actor BAFTA at the Royal Festival Hall for his work in The Night Manager and everyone was delighted that his brilliance has been recognised. There were lots of tweets celebrating his win, some below, and if you missed his acceptance speech and post-win interviews they’re below too.

The first picture is a gallery of images, click to scroll through them…

Here’s his acceptance speech and an interview off-stage afterwards…

Tom Hollander sends a ‘tweet’ thanking the man who helped him learn to punch convincingly 😉

An interview in the press room at BAFTA…

Click for video (embedding not available for this one apparently).

Some happy tweets…

Tom Hollander’s nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in The Night Manager


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UPDATE: He won!! 🙂


All good wishes to Tom Hollander for the British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actor (‘BAFTA TV Awards’) later this month. He’s been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as ‘Corky’ in The Night Manager which has surprised no-one. He was fantastic in it.

The event will take place from 4pm at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday 14th May. You can buy tickets for the event (note that it has a 5 and a half hour run time!) or watch online, or via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter [details on keeping up with the event here].

Tom recently accepted an award at the Broadcasting Press Guild Television & Radio Awards Ceremony (on behalf of The Night Manager)…

Earlier this year there were Golden Globes nominations for three of the cast of The Night Manager (Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman – all of whom won) though no mention for Tom Hollander or Elizabeth Debicki. With the BAFTAs it’s been reversed and only Tom Hollander has been nominated from the cast.

While the ensemble cast was brilliant together and everyone is deserving of all awards going, we at Team Hollander towers are obviously getting the pom-poms and cheering routines ready for Mr Hollander 🙂

Tom’s previously been nominated for five BAFTA awards, for his work on Gracie and Rev. In 2015 he won a Royal Television Society (RTS) Award for his remarkable portrayal of Dylan Thomas in ‘A Poet in New York’.


Currently he’s number 5 in the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes’ poll of Top British Toms…

Other nominees for this year’s BAFTA TV Award for Best Supporting Actor are Daniel Mays (as Danny Waldron in Line of Duty), Jared Harris (as King George VI in The Crown) and John Lithgow (as Winston Churchill in The Crown). Best wishes to them too… but not as much as to Tom 🙂

If you’re missing @TravestiesPlay these YouTube video clips may help


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The wonderful run of Travesties, directed by Patrick Marber, ended last night at the Apollo in Shaftesbury Avenue in London. It began with a sell-out run at the Menier Chocolate Factory before moving to the West End. I will miss so many little and big things about it – the set, the sounds, the singing (Sarah Quist’s amazing voice) and dancing, hilarious Russian translations, witty exchanges (love the one on ‘art’ and ‘being able to fly’, and Cecily and Gwendolen’s sung conversation) and of course the wonderful acting and comic timing from everyone. It was perfection. And that’s before we get on to the amazing brain fuel from the flurry of ideas, histories (real and not quite so real1) and linguistic styles deployed in Tom Stoppard’s text and brought to life so brilliantly on stage.

As you’ll see from the clips below obviously some parts of the play were recorded, so I can’t help wondering if the full play was too. I know that a performance was live-captioned (by Stage Text) and that they typically use a DVD recording of the performance to help with this, so can’t help being a little bit hopeful that a recording exists somewhere. Sometimes plays are livestreamed into cinemas (or from a DVD), it would be nice if the play could live on a little longer.

Here are some video reminders…

The music in the video above is Sage Hen Strut by Lu Watters and it featured in the play, during one of the dance scenes. It also played the audience out at the end, in the Menier run so I took the opportunity to Shazam it 🙂

Here’s Andrew Marr’s interview with Tom Hollander about Travesties, and a little about The Night Manager too.

…and here is a selection of insults used throughout the play. Maybe don’t try this at home 😉

1If you’d like to find out some more about the real history behind the fictional Henry Carr (played by Tom Hollander) then these blog posts are very good.

“The Promise” film in UK cinemas today #KeepThePromise


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The Promise, directed by Terry George, is set in the final days of the Ottoman Empire and tells the story of the Armenian Genocide through a love story. The film “follows a love triangle between Mikael (Oscar Isaac), a brilliant medical student, the beautiful and sophisticated Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), and Chris (Christian Bale) – a renowned American journalist based in Paris.” – IMDb summary

On Twitter you can keep up with the official account @thepromisefilm, and the hashtags #KeepThePromise and #ThePromiseTheFilm

Please give this film your support. A number of stories have emerged which strongly suggest that there have been attempts to sabotage the film, because of the controversial nature of the subject matter, resulting in fake reviews and ratings on IMDb.

“Last year, during the Toronto International Film Festival, the filmmakers behind The Promise premiered their film before an audience of 1,500 and were met with a standing ovation. Yet at the same time, the film was being given thousands of single-star reviews through IMDb.

Films should always be given a chance and many times, given internet culture, people unfairly and impulsively despise or support films. This concerted effort looked different than a trending issue for the internet’s next bandwagon. The negative reviews, which climbed to a massive 85,000 before the film was even released, looked like clear sabotage. It came to light this was a cyber plan put together by the Turkish government and executed through a horde of internet trolls.” (emphasis added) – Daily Wire, several other news outlets have picked up this story (see Further reading at end).

Although several UK cinemas screened the film last week there’s a much wider range of options to see it from its official release, today. Below is a full list of London and UK cinemas which are screening The Promise (also included: subtitled screenings and parent and baby screenings).

Tom Hollander plays Garin and I’ve excerpted a few mentions of his role from various reviews, while removing bits that look like they might be plot spoilers. You can read the full review, and the spoilers, by clicking on the link (for The Times you may need to regiser an email address to read the text). Tom has had roles in two of Terry George’s previous films – in Some Mother’s Son and in Whole Lotta Sole (aka Stand Off).

Following on from his scene-stealing work on Tom Hardy’s Taboo, Tom Hollander in his ten-minute stint walks away with The Promise, playing an Armenian former clown trapped with Michael in a concentration camp.” – HeadStuff review

Some characters come and go – and go too soon.  Tom Hollander delivers a telling cameo as a former clown who Isaac meets in a labour camp.  Sadly, he’s only on-screen for five minutes…” – Flickering Myth review

He (Mikael, played by Oscar Isaac) escaped only after an Armenian circus clown turned [redacted – plot spoiler!] (Tom Hollander) [redacted – plot spoiler!]” – The Times review

Tom Hollander has a showy cameo as a concentration camp circus clown. “I used to make the children laugh.”  That’s a reference to the way Jerry Lewis trivialized the Holocaust in “The Day the Clown Cried.”” – Movie Nation review

from 28 April to 4 May 2017

This next bit is quite long so I’ve put in a table of contents!

1. UK cinemas showing The Promise (28 April – 4 May)
2. London cinemas showing The Promise
3. Subtitled screenings (UK)
4. Subtitled screenings (London)
5. Parent and baby screenings (UK)
6. Parent and baby screenings (London)
7. Further reading about online efforts to derail the film

All films (not just this one) showing in London and the UK can be found here

1. UK cinemas showing The Promise (28 April – 4 May)
(source: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/films/thepromise.html)
– Aberdeen, Cineworld Aberdeen – Union Square
– Ashford, Cineworld Ashford
– Ashton-under-Lyne, Cineworld Ashton-under-Lyne
– Athlone, IMC Athlone
– Ballincollig, The Reel Picture
– Ballymena, IMC Ballymena
– Barnstaple, Central Cinema
– Basildon, Cineworld Basildon
– Basingstoke, Odeon Basingstoke
– Basingstoke, Vue Basingstoke Festival Place
– Bath, Odeon Bath
– Batley, Showcase Leeds
– Belfast, Odeon Belfast
– Beverley, Parkway Cinema
– Birmingham, Cineworld Birmingham
– Birmingham, Cineworld Birmingham NEC
– Birmingham, Odeon Birmingham New Street
– Birmingham, Vue Birmingham
– Blackburn, Vue Blackburn
– Blackpool, Odeon Blackpool
– Blackpool, The Reel Picture
– Boldon Colliery, Cineworld Boldon Tyne And Wear
– Bolton, Cineworld Bolton
– Bolton, Vue Bolton
– Bootle, Odeon Liverpool Switch Island
– Bournemouth, Odeon Bournemouth BH2
– Bracknell, Odeon Bracknell
– Bradford, Cineworld Bradford
– Braintree, Cineworld Braintree
– Bridgend, Odeon Bridgend
– Brighton, Cineworld Brighton
– Brighton, Odeon Brighton
– Bristol, Cineworld Bristol
– Bristol, Showcase Bristol Cinema De Lux
– Bristol, Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway
– Bristol, Vue Bristol Longwell Green
– Burnley, Reel Cinema Burnley
– Burton-on-Trent, Cineworld Burton Upon Trent
– Bury, Vue Bury The Rock
– Bury St Edmunds, Cineworld Bury St Edmunds
– Cambridge, The Light Cinema, Cambridge
– Cardiff, Cineworld Cardiff
– Cardiff, Odeon Cardiff
– Cardiff, Showcase Cardiff Nantgarw
– Carlow, IMC Carlow
– Castleford, Cineworld Castleford
– Chatham, Odeon Chatham
– Chelmsford, Odeon Chelmsford
– Cheltenham, Cineworld Cheltenham
– Cheltenham, Cineworld Cheltenham The Screening Rooms
– Chester, Cineworld Broughton
– Chesterfield, Cineworld Chesterfield
– Chichester, Cineworld Chichester
– Cleethorpes, Parkway Cinema
– Colchester, Odeon Colchester
– Cookstown, Ritz Multiplex
– Cork, The Gate Cork
– Cork, The Gate Mallow
– Crawley, Cineworld Crawley
– Cromer, Movieplex
– Derby, Odeon Derby
– Derby, Showcase Derby Cinema De Lux
– Doncaster, Vue Doncaster
– Douglas, Cinemaworld Douglas
– Dublin, Cineworld Dublin
– Dublin, IMC Santry
– Dublin, IMC Tallaght
– Dublin, Movies @ Dundrum
– Dublin, Movies @ Swords
– Dublin, Odeon Charlestown
– Dublin, Odeon Coolock
– Dublin, Savoy
– Dublin, Vue Dublin
– Dudley, Showcase Dudley
– Dundalk, IMC Dundalk
– Dundee, Cineworld Dundee
– Dundee, Odeon Dundee
– Dunfermline, Odeon Dunfermline
– Dun Laoghaire, IMC Dun Laoghaire
– East Didsbury, Cineworld Didsbury
– East Kilbride, Odeon East Kilbride
– Edinburgh, Cineworld Edinburgh
– Edinburgh, Vue Edinburgh Ocean Terminal
– Edinburgh, Vue Edinburgh Omni Centre
– Ellesmere Port, Vue Cheshire Oaks
– Enniskillen, IMC Enniskillen
– Epsom, Odeon Epsom
– Falkirk, Cineworld Falkirk
– Falmouth, Phoenix Cinema
– Fareham, Cineworld Whiteley
– Fareham, Reel Cinema Fareham
– Galway, IMC Galway
– Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow – Parkhead
– Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow – Renfrew Street
– Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow – Silverburn
– Glasgow, Odeon Glasgow Springfield Quay
– Glasgow, Showcase Glasgow
– Gloucester, Cineworld Gloucester Quays
– Gorey, Movies@Gorey
– Greenhithe, Showcase Bluewater
– Guildford, Odeon Guildford
– Hamilton, Vue Hamilton
– Harlow, Cineworld Harlow
– Hatfield, Odeon Hatfield
– Hemel Hempstead, Cineworld Hemel Hempstead
– High Wycombe, Cineworld High Wycombe
– Huddersfield, Odeon Huddersfield
– Hull, Cineworld Hull
– Hull, Odeon Hull
– Hull, Reel Cinema Hull
– Hull, Vue Hull Princes Quay
– Huntingdon, Cineworld Huntingdon
– Ilfracombe, Embassy Cinema
– Ipswich, Cineworld Ipswich
– Jersey, Cineworld Jersey
– Kettering, Odeon Kettering
– Kingsbridge, Kings Cinema
– Leeds, Vue Leeds Kirkstall Road
– Leeds, Vue Leeds The Light
– Leicester, Odeon Leicester
– Leicester, Showcase Leicester Cinema De Lux
– Leigh, Cineworld Leigh
– Limerick, Odeon Limerick
– Lincoln, Odeon Lincoln
– Liverpool, Odeon Liverpool ONE
– Liverpool, Showcase Liverpool
– Llandudno, Cineworld Llandudno
– Londonderry, Brunswick Moviebowl
– Loughborough, Cineworld Loughborough
– Luton, Cineworld Luton
– Maidstone, Odeon Maidstone
– Manchester, Odeon Manchester
– Manchester, Odeon Trafford Centre
– Manchester, Showcase Manchester
– Mansfield, Odeon Mansfield
– Merthyr Tydfil, Vue Merthyr Tydfil
– Middlesbrough, Cineworld Middlesbrough
– Midleton, The Gate Midleton
– Milton Keynes, Cineworld Milton Keynes
– Milton Keynes, Odeon Milton Keynes Stadium
– Newport, Cineworld Isle Of Wight
– Newport, Cineworld Newport Friars Walk
– Newport, Cineworld Newport Spytty Road
– Northampton, Cineworld Northampton
– Northampton, Vue Northampton
– Norwich, Odeon Norwich
– Nottingham, Cineworld Nottingham
– Nottingham, Showcase Nottingham Cinema De Lux
– Nuneaton, Odeon Nuneaton
– Omagh, IMC Omagh
– Oxford, Odeon Oxford Magdalen Street
– Paisley, Showcase Paisley
– Perth, Perth Playhouse
– Peterborough, Showcase Peterborough
– Plymouth, Vue Plymouth
– Poole, Cineworld Poole
– Portsmouth, Vue Portsmouth
– Port Talbot, Reel Cinema Port Talbot
– Preston, Odeon Preston
– Reading, Showcase Reading Cinema De Lux
– Reading, Vue Reading
– Redruth, Regal Film Centre
– Renfrew, Odeon Braehead
– Rochdale, Odeon Rochdale
– Rochester, Cineworld Rochester
– Roscommon, C & L Plex
– Rugby, Cineworld Rugby
– Runcorn, Cineworld Runcorn
– Seaham, Cineworld Dalton Park
– Sheffield, Cineworld Sheffield
– Sheffield, Odeon Sheffield
– Sheffield, Vue Sheffield
– Shrewsbury, Cineworld Shrewsbury
– Solihull, Cineworld Solihull
– Southampton, Odeon Southampton
– Southend-on-Sea, Odeon Southend
– Stevenage, Cineworld Stevenage
– St Helens, Cineworld St Helens
– Stillorgan, Odeon Stillorgan
– St Ives, The Royal
– Stockport, Cineworld Stockport
– Stockton-on-Tees, Showcase Teesside
– Stoke-on-Trent, Cineworld Stoke-on-Trent
– Stoke-on-Trent, Odeon Stoke
– Swansea, Odeon Swansea
– Swansea, Vue Swansea
– Swindon, Cineworld Swindon Shaw Ridge
– Swindon, Empire Swindon Greenbridge
– Tamworth, Odeon Tamworth
– Taunton, Odeon Taunton
– Telford, Cineworld Telford
– Telford, Odeon Telford
– Thanet, Vue Westwood Cross
– Torquay, Central Cinema
– Tunbridge Wells, Odeon Tunbridge Wells
– Wakefield, Cineworld Wakefield
– Wallsend, Odeon Silverlink
– Walsall, Showcase Walsall
– Warrington, Odeon Warrington
– Waterford, Odeon Waterford
– Watford, Vue Watford
– Weymouth, Cineworld Weymouth
– Wisbech, The Light Cinema, Wisbech
– Wolverhampton, Cineworld Wolverhampton
– Wrexham, Odeon Wrexham
– Yeovil, Cineworld Yeovil
– York, City Screen Picturehouse
– York, Vue York

2. London cinemas showing The Promise (28 April – 4 May)
(source: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/films/thepromise.html)
– Cineworld Bexleyheath
– Cineworld Enfield
– Cineworld Feltham
– Cineworld Wandsworth
– Cineworld West India Quay
– Cineworld Wood Green
– Crouch End Picturehouse
– Greenwich Picturehouse
– Odeon Holloway
– Odeon Kingston
– Odeon Lee Valley
– Odeon South Woodford
– Odeon Studios
– Odeon Wimbledon
– Peckhamplex
– Premiere Cinema
– Ritzy Picturehouse
– Showcase Newham
– Vue Croydon Grants
– Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)
– Vue Harrow
– Vue Islington
– Vue North Finchley
– Vue Romford
– Vue Shepherd’s Bush
– Vue Staines
– Vue Westfield London
– Vue Westfield Stratford City

3. Subtitled screenings (UK)
– Belfast, Odeon Belfast
– Blackpool, Odeon Blackpool
– Bootle, Odeon Liverpool Switch Island
– Brighton, Odeon Brighton
– East Kilbride, Odeon East Kilbride
– Glasgow, Odeon Glasgow Springfield Quay
– Hull, Odeon Hull
– Milton Keynes, Odeon Milton Keynes Stadium
– Redruth, Regal Film Centre
– Stoke-on-Trent, Odeon Stoke
– Swansea, Odeon Swansea
– Telford, Odeon Telford
– Tunbridge Wells, Odeon Tunbridge Wells
– Warrington, Odeon Warrington

4. Subtitled screenings (London)
– Odeon Studios

5. Parent and baby screenings (UK)
– Blackpool, Odeon Blackpool
– Bournemouth, Odeon Bournemouth BH2
– Cardiff, Odeon Cardiff
– Colchester, Odeon Colchester
– Dublin, Movies @ Dundrum
– Dublin, Movies @ Swords
– Dunfermline, Odeon Dunfermline
– Falmouth, Phoenix Cinema
– Glasgow, Odeon Glasgow Springfield Quay
– Guildford, Odeon Guildford
– Ilfracombe, Embassy Cinema
– Kettering, Odeon Kettering
– Leicester, Odeon Leicester
– Milton Keynes, Odeon Milton Keynes Stadium
– Norwich, Odeon Norwich

6. Parent and baby screenings (London)
– Peckhamplex

7. Further reading about online efforts to derail the film
Don’t Feed the Trolls: How Armenian Genocide Drama ‘The Promise’ Responded to an Internet Hate Campaign – IndieWire (21 April 2017)

Christian Bale historic romance The Promise is targeted by Turkish online trolls who deny the Armenian genocide – The Telegraph (21 April 2017)
The Christian Bale picture appears to be the target of a concerted campaign by Turkish cyber trolls who hope to destroy it before it is widely released in cinemas.

The film currently has more than 120,000 reviews on IMDB.com, the online movie ranking website. That is almost double the number of reviews for Beauty and the Beast, which was released last month and seen by millions around the world.

Thousands of Turkish trolls tank the new Christian Bale film ‘The Promise’ on IMDB with one-star reviews before it’s even released in an attempt to discredit the Armenian genocide – Daily Mail

Trolls are lashing out at Christian Bale’s new movie before it even premieres – Mashable (19 April 2016)



[Radio] BBCR4, Fri 21, 2.15pm – Tom Hollander as Patrick Moore in “Far Side of the Moore”


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Far Side of the Moore (45 minute radio play)
• 2.15pm, Friday 21 April, BBC Radio 4 – and then available on catch up, for a month
Programme website
• You can download the script (PDF) from the BBC Radio Drama archive and there’s a link to a short clip below.

Far Side of the Moore is a really delightful, amusing and touching radio play about one particular episode in the life of Patrick Moore, which turned out to last quite a long time…

When Moore’s latest book ‘Suns, Myths and Men’ gets a terrible review from the stuffy academic Dr Henry King, Patrick is in despair and, when the phone rings, he braces himself for more bad news.

Happily (spoiler alert!) he was ‘headhunted’ by the BBC to present a programme about astronomy suitable for a non-specialist audience, and The Sky At Night remained on our screens – with Patrick as presenter – for 56 years (!).

Patrick died in December 2012 and his final episode was broadcast in January 2013 (Wikipedia has more info). The Sky At Night is still on our televisions and the 60th anniversary episode (episode 1 was broadcast in April 1957) will be shown on BBC Four, 10pm, Sunday 27 April – you can also find archive episodes on that site.

Tom Hollander portrays Patrick Moore and it’s a remarkable performance – you can hear a three minute clip from the programme here.

Don’t miss @TravestiesPlay – it closes on 29 April 2017


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Go and see Travesties before it’s too late!

If you’ve not seen Travesties yet don’t hang about as there are only these performances remaining! Below are some reviews celebrating the production and links to a couple of blog posts with some really interesting background information, and some audience tweets.

  • Monday 17 April – 7.30pm
  • Tuesday 18 – 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 19 – 2.30pm
    Wednesday 19 – 7.30pm
  • Thursday 20 – 7.30pm
  • Friday 21 – 7.30pm
  • Saturday 22 – 2.30pm
    Saturday 22 – 7.30pm
  • Sunday 23 – no performance
  • Monday 24 – 7.30pm
  • Tuesday 25 – 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 26 – 2.30pm
    Wednesday 26 – 7.30pm
  • Thursday 27 – 7.30pm
  • Friday 28 – 7.30pm
  • Saturday 29 – 2.30pm – LAST DAY
    Saturday 29 – 7.30pm – LAST DAY

Tickets and production information@TravestiesPlay on Twitter

Lovely reviews of the play

These blog posts are really interesting on the real history behind the fictional Carr