Two bedtime stories from Tom Hollander and CBeebies


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Tom Hollander has read a few bedtime stories for the children’s television channel CBeebies and two of them have made their way onto Dailymotion, hooray. First is the tale of Captain Wag and the Polar Bears and then there’s Cantankerous King Colin. Enjoy!

Night night… 🙂

Don’t forget we’re sending Tom birthday wishes next month, find out how in this post.


Tom Hollander’s BBC Lifeline appeal for @intouniversity (supporting young people into higher education)


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Thanks to the BBC & YouTube (and to @lucky_lazy for telling me on Twitter!) anyone can now see this short clip about the work of the charity IntoUniversity. They support children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and help them feel more confident about considering university as an option. Tom Hollander presents the appeal which was first broadcast on Sunday 18th June 2017. There are subtitles available from subsaga.

You can contribute to the charity by SMS text message, online (one-off or regular donation), through payroll giving via your employer, through a standing order from your bank or via cheque – more info here

Tom wrote (in 2002) about how much he enjoyed his time at Cambridge University, and the opportunities and connections that time at university can give a young person, as well as an education. Look for the English faculty alumni letter in the list of Tom Hollander’s authored articles.




The AV Club’s wonderful reviews of Rev. (inc i/view w Tom Hollander & James Wood)


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Rev was such a wonderful television show, warmly comedic, occasionally hilarious and very touching – “all the feels”, as they say. It’s available on DVD and Hulu in case you’ve missed it, and there are some rather brilliant clips on YouTube and on the BBC’s website.

The AV Club is very good at reviewing things and it’s one of those rare websites where the comments are actually enlightening and good-humoured, definitely worth a read. There are quite a few articles on the site that are tagged ‘Rev’ but the ones below are specifically reviews of particular episodes – I’ve not read all of them myself yet but it’ll be a lot easier with this handy list. You might also enjoy our page on audio interviews with Tom Hollander as some are about his work with writer James Wood on Rev, including one with Jon Canter who wrote the Rev Diaries book. If you’re new to this site you can see all of our previous #TeamHollander posts at a glance.

Rev. iews 🙂

“On your knees, forget the fees” – Season 1, Episode 1
3 June 2012

“Salvation” – Season 1, Episode 2
10 June 2012

“Revolting” – Season 1, Episode 3
17 June 2012

“The One Show” – Season 1, Episode 4
24 June 2012

“Society” – Season 1, Episode 5
1 July 2012

“Is the answer Jesus, Sir?” – Season 1, Episode 6
8 July 2012

Rev. ends its first season in a state of crisis (of faith)
8 July 2012

“Episode One” – Season Two, Episode One
22 July 2012

“Series Two, Episode Two”
29 July 2012

“Series Two, Episode Three”
5 August 2012

“Series Two, Episode Four”
12 August 2012

The co-creators of British series Rev. discuss the show’s look at faith
17 August 2012

“Series Two, Episode Five”
19 August 2012

“Series Two, Episode Six”
26 August 2012

“Christmas Special”
2 Sep 2012

Rev.’s remarkable third season contemplates the difficulty of forgiveness
16 June 2014


All our #TeamHollander blog posts so far…



All posts published on this site at 2 July 2017, ordered thematically. The same list, ordered by date published, can be found at the bottom of the Sitemap.

1 Theatre (Travesties)

2 Television
(Taboo, A Poet in New York, poetry reading, Night Manager)

3 Film
(The Promise, Pride and Prejudice, Breathe)

4 Voice
(Radio plays and interviews)

5 Writing
(Spectator Diary and Times travel writer)

6 Misc

‘Breathe’ will open the 61st @BFI London Film Festival on Wed 4 October 2017


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MV5BMTg5OTcyODA1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTQzNDY3MjI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,675,1000_AL_Breathe is a new film which is based on the true story of Robin Cavendish and his devoted wife Diana (née Blacker), with Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy playing the leads. Robin Cavendish contracted polio in 1958 at the age of 28 and became paralysed, unable to breathe without support. Although some people in the 1950s and beyond made a good recovery from polio the disease has continued to devastate lives. Improvements in the polio vaccine (and also to its access and uptake) have eradicated or massively reduced the incidence of polio in many, but not all, countries. In 2013 the WHO indicated its hope that polio would be eradicated globally by 2018

Jonathan Cavendish (Robin and Diana’s son) is the producer and he runs The Imaginarium Studios with Andy Serkis, who directs the film. Tom Hollander plays Diana’s twin brothers Bloggs and David Blacker and Hugh Bonneville plays Teddy Hall who helped develop a wheelchair for Robin Cavendish.

The European premiere will be the Opening Night gala* of the 61st BFI London Film Festival, details below. This is a big exciting thing 🙂

• Date: Wednesday 4 October 2017
• Time: tbc
• Location: Odeon Leicester Square

“There will be a live cinecast of all the excitement from Leicester Square and simultaneous screenings taking place at cinemas across the UK” (Source: European premiere of Breathe to open the 61st BFI London Film Festival) and the film will be released into UK and Ireland cinemas on 27 October 2017. The film has also been pre-sold in more than 30 territories (Source: Toronto: Andrew Garfield Starrer ‘Breathe’ Goes to Bleecker Street, Participant).

*gala means that various cast (possibly Tom, don’t know yet) and crew will be in attendance and there’s a red carpet, but the public can usually buy tickets.

How to get tickets
The BFI usually releases its tickets in phases with tickets going on sale to members a short while before going on sale to the general public. Some performances at the Film Festival sell out before the public date is reached, particularly high profile ones (probably the opening and closing films for example!) so becoming a member of the BFI does marginally increase your chances, though note that there are grades of membership (from £40 to £1,500 per year) so a higher grade might pip you to the post! It’s also possible that tickets will also be offered as part of a competition and if Team Hollander hears anything we’ll share it on Twitter and Instagram.

Film connections
Jonathan Cavendish also worked on Elizabeth: The Golden Age (in which Tom played Sir Amyas Paulet) and on Jungle Book (to be released in 2018) also directed by Andy Serkis,  in which Tom plays Tabaqui, a hyena. Hugh Bonneville and Tom Hollander have appeared together in Piccadilly Jim, Freezing (Andrew Garfield joined them for one episode), Muppets Most Wanted and Rev., and Camilla Rutherford has appeared with Tom in Gosford Park and Land of the Blind. Andy Serkis and Tom have previously worked on stage together in Mojo, and Andy’s son Louis Serkis was Dr George Cholmondeley’s apprentice, Robert, in Taboo.



Heads up for birthday greetings in August…


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Updated 21 August 2017
1. Emailing your birthday greetings to Tom
Want to send a birthday greeting to Tom Hollander by email? The lovely Deb (from Hollanderia) will collect and forward on for us 🙂 We wont share Deb’s email publicly but you can contact us by Twitter (DMs are open) or by Instagram.

Note that Tom’s birthday is on Friday 25 August but please get your messages to Deb by Wednesday 23rd.

2. Posting your birthday greetings to Tom
If you want to post something to Tom please send it care of Another Tongue (an agency for voice artists). Tom is one of their artists and they will make sure he gets your item 🙂 Their phone number is 020 7494 0300.

Tom Hollander
c/o Another Tongue
10 D’Arblay St

Original post

Every now and again the marvellous Deb (one of the people who co-founded and runs the amazing Hollanderia and Thomagination websites) organises a bit of a ‘thing’ to celebrate Tom Hollander’s birthday (which is in August). The precise format varies but generally anyone who wants to be involved contacts her with their birthday greeting which she collates and then sends on to Tom’s people, who send to Tom. Simple and efficient 🙂

This year Deb has kindly agreed to collect our ‘Happy birthdays’ once again, if sent to her by email a few days in advance of his birthday. You’ll have to register on Hollanderia to see her message here (it’s for members only but anyone can become a member), for privacy reasons (well, spam mostly!) I’m not going to post her email address here. You can also contact @Team_Hollander for further info on Twitter via DMs which are open – or via Instagram. Update 12 Aug: just DM for Deb’s email address.

We hope this is a nice thing for Tom, but we don’t expect a response from him (when you think about it, it’s a little strange having random people from the internet wishing you a happy birthday!), so please don’t pester Deb afterwards asking if she’s heard back from Tom or his people. The best advice would probably be to just send some nice birthday greetings without having any further expectation – which is the best way to give gifts anyway 🙂

More chances to see Pride and Prejudice (2005) in cinemas, thanks to @bafta


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Eagle-eyed @lucky_lazy on Twitter has spotted that BAFTA is celebrating its 70th birthday by “showcasing a collection of BAFTA-winning breakthrough films from seven outstanding British film-makers” – and one of those is Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice. The film, as I’m sure readers of this blog already know, features Tom Hollander as Mr Collins in this adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel.

The BAFTA screenings are below – there’s also an open-air screening on Thursday 6th July at the Bussey Building in Peckham which has Joe Wright attending for a pre-film Q&A. Quite possibly Joe will be at some of the other screenings too, though it doesn’t say on the BAFTA website.

Links for tickets to the screenings below (except the one on 6 July) can be found here:–joe-wright

  • Friday 23 June | Pomegranate, Chesterfield
  • Sunday 2 July | Genesis, London
  • Thursday 6 July | Bussey Building, Rooftop Film Club (+Q&A with dir Joe Wright)
  • Sunday 23 July | MAC, Birmingham
  • Monday 7 to Thursday 10 August | Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon
  • Tuesday 22 August | Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

I can tell you that the Genesis Cinema is utterly fantastic, I don’t know the other ones though. (Post-script: having now been to the Bussey building too for this screening I can tell you it’s fantastic too).