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This sounds rather good fun, a new series about Victorian medicine that’s also a comedy. It’s written (and Executive Produced) by James Wood who brought us Rev.

It gets a good write-up in this interview with James and the cast in the Independent.

“‘I gave myself a medical historical education and puked it back out as comedy,’ says ‘Rev’ creator James Wood of his new BBC2 comedy ‘Quacks’.

“…Quacks is surely one of the most original new TV shows of the year, unsurprisingly since its creator, James Wood, has a track record in unlikely but engagingly droll TV shows; he wrote Rev, the Bafta-winning comedy starring Tom Hollander as an inner-city vicar, and, earlier this year, a delightful adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall…“.

Apparently one of the cast is a ‘self-experimenting anaesthetist’… hmm, remind you of anyone? 😉

We can expect guest appearances from a couple of the Rev. cast too – Miles Jupp (Nigel) and Kayvan Novak (Yussef Hasan, the local imam).

Quacks will begin screening on BBC2 next Tuesday (15 August) from 10-10.30pm.

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