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Thanks to the BBC & YouTube (and to @lucky_lazy for telling me on Twitter!) anyone can now see this short clip about the work of the charity IntoUniversity. They support children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and help them feel more confident about considering university as an option. Tom Hollander presents the appeal which was first broadcast on Sunday 18th June 2017. There are subtitles available from subsaga.

You can contribute to the charity by SMS text message, online (one-off or regular donation), through payroll giving via your employer, through a standing order from your bank or via cheque – more info here http://intouniversity.org/donate

Tom wrote (in 2002) about how much he enjoyed his time at Cambridge University, and the opportunities and connections that time at university can give a young person, as well as an education. Look for the English faculty alumni letter in the list of Tom Hollander’s authored articles.