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Every now and again the marvellous Deb (one of the people who co-founded and runs the amazing Hollanderia and Thomagination websites) organises a bit of a ‘thing’ to celebrate Tom Hollander’s birthday (which is in August). The precise format varies but generally anyone who wants to be involved contacts her with their birthday greeting which she collates and then sends on to Tom’s people, who send to Tom. Simple and efficient πŸ™‚

This year Deb has kindly agreed to collect our ‘Happy birthdays’ once again, if sent to her by email* a few days in advance of his birthday. You’ll have to register on Hollanderia to see her message here (it’s for members only but anyone can become a member), for privacy reasons (well, spam mostly!) I’m not going to post her email address here. You can also contact @Team_Hollander for further info on Twitter via DMs which are open – don’t send your messages to Tom to that account though, only to Deb.

We hope this is a nice thing for Tom, but we don’t expect a response from him (when you think about it, it’s a little strange having random people from the internet wishing you a happy birthday!), so please don’t pester Deb afterwards asking if she’s heard back from Tom or his people. The best advice would probably be to just send some nice birthday greetings without having any further expectation – which is the best way to give gifts anyway πŸ™‚

*text-only please, no links or attachments, thank you – there’s more information in the Hollanderia post linked above.