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Not only is Tom Hollander a brilliant actor but he has also written some lovely articles too. He has an occasional diary column in The Spectator and has also written for other publications.

If you don’t have a subscription to The Spectator then you’ll find, as you make your way through his writings there, that you can only read a couple each month. Something to look forward to for next month then, or get a subscription 🙂 Tom also wrote the script for Episode 3 in the third series of Rev.

For printed (and some video) interviews with Tom the best source is Thomagination, there are also some audio-only interviews here.

At the end of the lists of articles are some tweets from people who’ve enjoyed his writing too.

The Spectator (all his articles at a glance)

Interview in The Spectator (not an article but a nice read nonetheless)

9 West Road – Cambridge University English Faculty alumni newsletter

Areté Magazine

The Times / Plan South America

  • Tom Hollander in Colombia (31 July 2016) – link given is to a copy of the text on Plan South America’s website, the original (paywalled) article at The Times is here – where you can also read appreciative comments from Colombians, delighted at the article.